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UAE’s First Nuclear Power Plant Barakah is now 65% complete

Baraka Powerplant
Posted: July 13, 2016 at 12:04 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

This is for the very first time that United Arab Emirates has been thinking about to arrange the Nuclear Power Plant inside their country. And hence the residents of the UAE would be happier to learn that UAE’s First Nuclear Power Plant Barakah is now 65% complete! This is definitely one of the biggest news for the UAE people. It has been unveiled out that this service would be all predicted to deliver up to a quarter of the UAE’s electricity needs. Plus, it has been reported that the construction of the UAE’s First Nuclear Power Plant Barakah is on the successful pieces and is progressing so well.

Baraka Powerplant

Additionally we would like to mention that unit one of the power plant is almost completed on the 80% level and unit two is almost 72% complete. On the same side, unit three is 50 per cent complete and unit four is 31 per cent complete. In this way, we can say that on the whole, all the units have finished up with the construction that is about now more than 65 per cent complete. Hence all the units have been bringing up with the plans where it would be delivering with the safe and yet the clean reliable source of the nuclear energy to the UAE grid.

The construction of the Barakah Nuclear Energy Plant was started in the year 2012 and all four nuclear reactors hence will start functioning until the year 2020. Inside its operational services, it would be able to offer with the maximum quarter of the UAE’s electricity needs. This will also be coming up in saving with more than 12 million tonnes in carbon emissions every year.

Furthermore, we would like to highlight that Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (Enec) and its operating subsidiary known Nawah Energy Company (Nawah) has decided to move to its new headquarters in the place of Masdar City. They will held the inaugural ceremony that would be attended by Engr Mohamed Al Hammadi, CEO of Enec. According to him, since the time its establishment has been put together, the Enec has been trying the best efforts to deliver UAE’s first nuclear energy plant on safest terms. So many efforts are being made, in which it is undertaken that it would save more than 12 million tonnes in carbon emissions every year.

Eng Mohammed Sahoo Al Suwaidi who is acting as being the CEO of Nawah has came up with the statement that Nawah is all the time in the front row to work along with Enec. They are already building up the momentum that would undergo to lay down the operational readiness of the Barakah nuclear energy plant. Establishing the head quarter in the Masdar City has enable to make the alliance strong and undergo with the provision of the sustainable energy of the nuclear to the UAE.

Mohamed Jameel Al Ramahi who is the CEO of Masdar has said that Masdar City is welcoming from the bottom of the heart the energy and research companies in their city place. They are playing the vital role in order to provide with the strong and clean reliable form of energy to the UAE.

Hence all in all, we would like to congratulate the UAE place for installing the first nuclear power plan in their custody that would function at the best by all units in 2020. This is a great achievement that would surely be giving huge sum of benefit to the economy of the country marketplaces as well.

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